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I see Ron has already mentioned "washroom" while I was slow-typing my

Another point to consider is real-estate sales lingo. It might have
started as an abbreviation to conserve space and money in RE listings in
newspapers (US, I presume), but it's not uncommon to hear the "full
bath" vs. "half bath" distinction in speech, particular when discussing
housing option, but not necessarily in direct connection with RE
listings or sales (although RE agents tend to be the most egregious users).


On 4/6/2010 12:03 PM, Victor Steinbok wrote:
> ... Speaking of sanitation facilities, has anyone looked at the
> distribution of bathroom vs. restroom vs, washroom? The public area
> /signage/, e.g., malls and supermarkets, tends to point to
> restrooms--but that's more of an artifact of what signs are available,
> as they tend to be standardized for retail (although mall maps are
> more individualized). And corporate managers hold keys, almost
> exclusively, to executive washrooms. But, aside from that, there may
> be little regularity. (Please, pardon the unintended pun.)
>     VS-)

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