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Fri Apr 16 14:41:50 UTC 2010

Mostly for Victor, but if y'all Boston-based readers, hurry you can catch
Pullum at BC today, courtesy of the Eyjafalljokull eruption . . .

>From Language Log today:
The campaign: Boston College is nextApril 16, 2010 @ 9:55 am ยท Filed by
Geoffrey K. Pullum under Announcements

What does a Language Log blogger who currently lives in Edinburgh do when
stranded in Boston, the wrong side of a continent-sized plume of volcanic
ash? Some would just hang out in bars, sinking beer after beer and boring
fellow customers with increasingly self-pitying descriptions of their
plight ("D'you know, I'm a famoush Languidsh Log writer; thish shouldn't
be happening to me; there should be shpecial arrangementsh; you shee, I
have to get back to Ebbingbr
"). But not me. I like to
work. There is no way I can get out of here with the whole of the north
Atlantic area and northern Europe in paralysis, so I'm going over to
Boston College to give a lecture on English grammar there at 3:30 today
(Friday). It will give me something to do, and it will enable me to
continue the campaign. Later, figure out somewhere to sleep. (I must admit
that when I found out this is the weekend of the Boston Marathon, so even
more of the hotels would be full, I really did begin to shushpect that
thingsh were conshpiring against me
) But one thing at a time: first,
figure out how to get to Boston College on the T. It shouldn't be too
difficult: there is actually a line named the Boston College Line! That
sheemsh highly shignificant

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