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Fri Dec 3 04:45:46 UTC 2010

On "The Daily Show" tonight Jon Stewart cited "America's Tweetheart"
Sarah Palin's tweetophilia (my term, not theirs); when asked about
why she enjoys tweeting so much, she responded "I just tweet. That's
the way I roll." To which Stewart rhetorically queried, "When did you
become Snoop Dog?"  More evidence for a strong connection that I had
been unaware of (before our threads) between rappers and "how/the way
I roll".

>At 1:55 AM +0100 6/17/10, Ben Zimmer wrote:
>>I haven't done anything on these, but Jesse was collecting examples
>>of the latter expression for the OED's revised "roll" entry. See
>>this 2006 thread:
>>...where Bill Mullins took it back to Hammer's 1991 song "This Is
>>the Way We Roll." Origin would appear to be in West Coast rap
>>usage, extended from the sense of "roll" relating to ostentatious
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>>"Thank you (so much) for reaching out to me"
>>"That's how I roll"

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