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Tube steak as sexual slang appears in:
The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang (Google Books preview)

American Slang by Barbara Ann Kipfer, Robert L. Chapman (Google Books preview)

HDAS may have it but the publicly accessible volumes end at the letter O.

The non-sexual meaning [frankfurter, hot dog] is dated 1963 in both
references but Barry Popik's entry gives a 1939 date (as noted by
Arnold Zwicky).

The sexual meaning is dated 1980 in both references. I personally
heard it used as sexual slang in 1976. Google Books contains a work
that it dates to 1972 containing an instance.

1972, Hawks & Harriers by Page Stegner, GB Page 25, Dial Press, New
York. (Google Books snippet; Data may be inaccurate; Not verified on

What was the old joke? Eating out at the Y. Oh, but you must try the
bearded clams, the tube steak, the rolled roast. Terrific wits, my
high school cronies.

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> "Tube steak" meaning "hot dog" or "wiener" has been around as long as I
> can remember, and a glance at Newspaperarchive shows many examples in
> the papers, back to 1939.
> I suppose it was probably originally a jocular coinage, modeled on "cube
> steak".
> I don't recall hearing/seeing it applied to a sex organ, but then I
> haven't heard it much recently at all.
> No doubt it lends itself to a sex-organ reference, just like "hot dog",
> "wiener", etc., etc.
> -- Doug Wilson
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