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The expressions "Coke and Pepsi" or "Coke or Pepsi" are often used to
refer to a monopolistic situation in which consumers or voters can
only choose between two very similar alternatives. Same product in
different cans. This phrase is so obvious to Americans that most don't
even notice it. Examples:

Though the U.S. has more dialysis clinics than ever, patients don’t
necessarily have more choice. “It’s Coke and Pepsi,” said Joseph
Atkins, who has been in the industry for 37 years as a technician,
nurse, clinic owner, and consultant. “And in some places, it can be
Coke or Pepsi.”
  The Atlantic, December 2010

My precinct is solid Democratic along with Indies, no one on my street
is happy they are pissed. They are not even afraid of the wingers
losing, as  a young un said at the coffee, the only difference I can
see is I don't have to look at or listen to MCain, as we get screwed
I'd much rather hve to watch Obama. Not good at all, in there eyes
it's coke or pepsi time again.
  Daily Koos, reader's comment, December 15, 2009,,-or-kill-this-bill

What's worse is the people who think that voting democrat is going to
make things better. It's coke or pepsi. Poop or puke.


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