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Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Wed Dec 15 00:51:45 UTC 2010

At 12/14/2010 07:42 PM, victor steinbok wrote:
>One item that often produces peevish responses, especially from the
>culinary types, is "shrimp scampi". But, in reality, of course, it
>just illustrates the transfer. And you know the transfer is complete
>when Costco carries a big box of frozen "Shrimp Scampi" pre-fab.

If "scampi" refers to a method of preparation/cooking, what's
peeve-making about "shrimp scampi"?  Presumably I could make "prawn
scampi" -- or, to be more serious, "lobster scampi", etc.

>What I found ghastly, however, is the mention of "bread crumbs"--THAT
>is NOT scampi. If this were a foodie list, I suspect the mention of
>olive oil also would cause commotion--"frying" (in reality any cooking
>other than poaching) in olive oil is usually a cause for some
>unnecessary consternation.

Isn't olive oil *not* usually a case for consterpation?

>In fact, four ingredients that are common
>to most (though not all) scampi recipes are shrimp, garlic, butter,
>olive oil and parsley.

I count five so far.

>And the shrimp are indeed poached in olive oil
>which is then mixed with butter for sauce. The other two /usual/ main
>ingredients are white wine and lemon juice.


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