Quip: Dangers of modern foods; The worst thing in the world for us? - Wedding Cake

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Sat Dec 18 08:17:25 UTC 2010

Barry Popik has a recent entry on his great website for the saying:
The most dangerous food is wedding cake. He traces it back to 1973.


Serendipitously, I came across a version of essentially the same joke
in 1944 though it uses a different phrasing and style. This
phraseology may be antedateable; I haven't tried.

Cite: 1942 July 21, Wall Street Journal, Pepper and Salt, Sad
Experience, Page 6, Washington D.C. (ProQuest)

He was enlarging on the dangers of modern foods, and with a dramatic
gesture he pointed a finger at a harassed-looking inoffensive
listener: "What is it we all eat at some time or other, yet it's the
worst thing in the world for us? Do you know?"

It appeared the little man did know, for he replied in a husky
whisper: "Wedding Cake." -Cooper's Store News.


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