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Cosmesis yiels 130,000 raw hits; the plural cosmeses 143,000. It's not
in the OED.


"Realistic, sensitive artificial skin would be an important step towards
making the prosthetic feel like an extension of the body. The best
available skin coverings, or 'cosmeses', are already surprisingly
lifelike, complete with simulated pores and hair, but don't provide any
tactile feedback."
  New Scientist, 7 January 2009

Touch Bionics has developed a custom cosmesis, or covering, for its
products. The skin is a thin layer of semi-transparent material that has
been computer-modeled to wrap to every contour of the hand.
  The Herald (Scotland), 18 July 2007

The i-LIMB can be covered with flexible material to mimic the look of
human skin, called cosmesis.
  USA Today, 24 July 2007

the use of cosmetics or surgery for preserving or enhancing self-image.
Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 8th edition. © 2009, Elsevier.



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