"fighting through inadversity"

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon Dec 20 04:56:46 UTC 2010

Tonight after the New England Patriots managed to come back to defeat
the Green Bay Packers by a surprisingly slim margin in a football
game in which they had been heavily favored, their coach Bill
Belichick (generally considered to be the "brainiest" coach in the
league) praising his team efforts in "fighting through inadversity".
Not too many hits, but there were a few, e.g.

"Sometimes a weaker army overcomes inadversity. Hell, even David beat Goliath."

"I have also noted that Koos (1946), in his study of a family's
inadversity, found the same basic responses: Some became totally and
permanently disorganized..."

"The study of literature nourishes youth, and entertains old age,
adorns posterity, solaces inadversity..."

I don't think it has legs, though.


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