"fighting through inadversity"

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Larry, are you nominating this for "Least-Likely-to-Succeed Word-of-the-Year" or "Most Prominent Surfacing of Linguistic Dark Matter"?

On Dec 19, 2010, at 11:56 PM, Laurence Horn wrote:

> Tonight after the New England Patriots managed to come back to defeat
> the Green Bay Packers by a surprisingly slim margin in a football
> game in which they had been heavily favored, their coach Bill
> Belichick (generally considered to be the "brainiest" coach in the
> league) praising his team efforts in "fighting through inadversity".
> Not too many hits, but there were a few, e.g.
> "Sometimes a weaker army overcomes inadversity. Hell, even David beat Goliath."
> "I have also noted that Koos (1946), in his study of a family's
> inadversity, found the same basic responses: Some became totally and
> permanently disorganized..."
> "The study of literature nourishes youth, and entertains old age,
> adorns posterity, solaces inadversity..."
> I don't think it has legs, though.
> LH
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