New OED interface -- Advanced search

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Wed Dec 22 20:05:50 UTC 2010

In Advanced search [and I suggest that second words in such names
always be capitalized], one can choose where to look -- Full Text
(the default), Headword, etc., down to Quotation Text.  Typing in
just the first letter takes one directly to most of these choices
without having to switch to the mouse.

But under Quotation are:
-First Quotation
-Quotation Date
-Quotation Author
-Quotation Title
-Quotation Text

To get to Quotation Text, probably the most frequently used, requires
typing a hyphen 4 times.

If the list were instead simply indented (remove hyphen) and the
significant word moved to the left (and perhaps also the sequence
changed, say to alphabetic), one would need to type in T  and only
once (or twice, if the sequence were not changed):


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