Velvet Elvis

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Thu Dec 23 00:07:42 UTC 2010

... or "Velvis" (or so says Wiki)--not in OED or any other dictionary
that I checked. In addition to the basic velvet silhouette "portrait" of
Elvis, it has become a synonym for "kitsch". It has also been used
mockingly to refer to people in velvet outfits, but that's sporadic and
I have no printed evidence for this (e.g., something like "going Velvet
Elvis" or "he's all Velvet Elvis").


PS: a quick search did not help much. Here "gone Velvet Elvis" implies
"became a Velvet Elvis salesman":
> One of my favorite parts of the Fourth is the Velvet Elvis culture.
> Every Fourth of July, these flag-flying tent displays adorn every
> other major intersection. And right next to them is the carnie gone
> Velvet Elvis carpet guy. He's every. where. and he wants to give you a
> velvet tapestry with every $100 fireworks purchase. I bet Bill Gates
> has a velvet Elvis in his living room. So classy.
> Probably the best thai bloody mary you'll ever have. the back bar is
> hilarious and all velvet Elvis style!
> Lee's says, "Nobody Knows I'm Elvis." Note his "velvet Elvis" pants.

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