[dZ&gwar], [dZ&gjuwar], and [dZ&gwaIr]

Herb Stahlke hfwstahlke at GMAIL.COM
Mon Dec 27 03:52:24 UTC 2010

Last night a local Indianapolis news anchor was talking about the
Colts and the [dZ&gwaIrz].  I've heard that pronunciation before in
Central Indiana among my children's playmates thirty or so years ago,
and this news anchor would be of that generation or a bit younger.
I've never quite understood where the [I] came from.  I've heard the
[dZ&gjuwar] pronunciation several times from, IIRC, British speakers
who I don't think were on [m&ridZuwan@] at the time but were simply
inserting [j] before [u].  Is anyone else acquainted with these
pronunciations and where they're found?


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