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A discussion of the term “lamestream media” was initiated by Jonathan
Lighter on the ADS list in March 2010. Ben Zimmer pointed out that
Barry Popik has a webpage that traces it back to 1999:


Back in March I performed a quick search to find instances of
lamestream or lame-stream used as a derisive alteration of the word
mainstream. There is an instance of “lame-stream artists.” in the
music magazine Spin in 1990.


In 1994 senator Howard Metzenbaum used the term “lame-stream proposal”
as a mocking reference to a proposal from the “self-styled
‘mainstream’ coalition”.


A January 2008 message in the ADS archive mentions Australia's
Macquarie Dictionary Word of the Year voting. The word lamestream was
a candidate.


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>>A couple more entries that I have not seen yet--again, mostly from the
>>same sources (tea party terminology, oil spill)
>>- lamestream media (not entirely sure if it was a Palinism
> No, it considerably predated her entrance on the scene, popularized
> by her friends at FOX News.  I don't know who invented it; I'd guess
> a right-wing blogger, but someone on the list no doubt has better
> info.
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> LH

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