WOTY candidate: "prehab" (gratia Charlie Sheen)

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If you take "hab" as an independent element.  But if it is still just an
abbreviation for "habilitate", "X prehab" sounds like one is toning up for
a(nother) bout of debauchery.  I'm doing some prehab for New Year's Eve.

Mais où sont les neiges d'antan?
I blame Global Warming.

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(From earlier in the year)
Two and a half votes from me!


March 3, 2010
Why His Face May End Up in Webster's

SOMETIMES you hear a word for the first time and think: "Of course."
How better to describe Paris Hilton than as a "celebutante" or the
frequent tabloid target Alec Baldwin as "the bloviator"? (Thanks, New
York Post!)

Now make room for "prehab."

Prehab made its debut on Feb. 23, the handiwork of GlasgowRose, a
commenter on Gawker, after a publicist for Charlie Sheen announced
that the star of "Two and a Half Men" was entering rehab as a
"preventative measure." The announcement was supposed to deflect
rumors that the actor had returned to his hard-partying ways. But
instead, Gawker wrote a satirical post defining prehab as a vehicle
for celebrity spin. "Get the 'rehab' career bump without actually
being an addict," Gawker wrote.

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