WOTY candidate: "prehab" (gratia Charlie Sheen)

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(From earlier in the year)
Two and a half votes from me!


March 3, 2010
Why His Face May End Up in Webster's

SOMETIMES you hear a word for the first time and think: "Of course."
How better to describe Paris Hilton than as a "celebutante" or the
frequent tabloid target Alec Baldwin as "the bloviator"? (Thanks, New
York Post!)

Now make room for "prehab."

Prehab made its debut on Feb. 23, the handiwork of GlasgowRose, a
commenter on Gawker, after a publicist for Charlie Sheen announced
that the star of "Two and a Half Men" was entering rehab as a
"preventative measure." The announcement was supposed to deflect
rumors that the actor had returned to his hard-partying ways. But
instead, Gawker wrote a satirical post defining prehab as a vehicle
for celebrity spin. "Get the 'rehab' career bump without actually
being an addict," Gawker wrote.

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