arsenal = collection = store

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I had a music partner who often used military (and firearm) imagery when
referring to music and its environs. In his case, however, he was well
versed in military history and, I'm sure, was speaking metaphorically when:

For example, if we were at a musical festival or some other venue and the
situation became somewhat hectic, he would say, "We're under combat
conditions, here."

Or, when we learned some new material and added it to our repertoire, he
would regularly say, "Yeah, we've got plenty of ammunition, now."


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> Perhaps I was being too sophisticated and conservative when I said "store."
> The man was more likely to be thinking "collection."
> There must be millions of Americans who are unfamiliar with the traditional
> meaning of "arsenal" but who have read and heard it used figuratively in
> th=
> e
> media.
> "I'm adding dragon breath to my arsenal of super powers."
> "The late Rudy Vallee now boasts hiphop skills in his entertainment
> arsenal!"
> (Ad hoc exx.)
> JL

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