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I received the helpful answer below from Amy West, and with her permission I now share it with ads-l.

Gerald Cohen

>From: Amy West [mailto:medievalist at]
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>To: Cohen, Gerald Leonard
>Subject: Request for books/articles on gender words
>I'm going to be having my students read "From the Dixie Chicks to the
>St. Louis Rams: What Animal-Based Metaphors Reveal about Sexism" by
>Alleen Pace Nilsen in a couple of weeks. It's reprinted in Language
>Awareness, 10th ed. A footnote points to a paper "Of Ladybugs and
>Billy Goats: What Animal Species Names Tell about Human Perceptions
>of Gender," in _Metaphor and Symbolic Activity_, 11, no. 4 (1996):
>257-271. This may not be exactly on target, but might serve as a
>model/parallel of such analysis.
>There are probably other related readings in _Language Awareness_ and
>_What's Language Got to Do with It?_, but I haven't got my copies
>here at home with me. Another one in LA that might be relevant is "On
>Language: You Guys" by Audrey Bilger.
>Deborah Tannen is a sociolinguist who writes about gender stuff: look
>for stuff by her. That's my other suggestion.
>I'm interested to see what other folks who are more knowledgeable suggest.
>---Amy West

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