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FWIW, I remember seeing this in SI quite clearly. Andujar may not
really have said it, but SI *absolutely* published an article *saying*
that he said it. I've been telling this story for *years* - as my wife
will gladly testify - and SI is my source.

However, I admit that I recall it somewhat differently: that he said
*something* like,

"My favorite English word[sic] is 'What can you do?'"

But, regardless of the actual wording of the quote - it may be that he
said both and I found one more memorable than the other - or its
actual date of publication, I totally agree with Larry and his sources
that it appeared in SI. It's not something that a lifelong fan of the
Cards - the BoSox over the Cards in four straight is one of the most
horrific occurrences in sports of my lifetime - now living in Stan
Musial's home state would forget. I care nothing about baseball. I
care a lot about my old hometown of Saint Louis and anything having to
do with it.

What can you do? What can I tell you? What can you say? Etc., etc.


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>> In any case, a companion piece for one of my favorite (almost
>> apocryphal?) baseball quotes, uttered by St. Louis Cardinals' pitcher
>> Joaquin Andujar:
>> "There is one word in America that says it all, and that one word is,
>> 'You never know.'"
>>   Sports Illustrated, June 22, 1987 [according to the always reliable
>> internet sources]
>> LH
> Searching the SI archives at the SI Vault website does not confirm this
> quote -- but I don't know how complete those archives are.
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