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Barry sends the following update on "The Big Easy" as a nickname for New
Orleans.  The earliest firm date on his website is a 21 January 1969
cite from Google News Archive.   I can beat that:

_ Cleveland Plain Dealer_ 1969-01-12, Tuesday Magazine Section, Page: 19
col 1
"For the 25 out of 30 blacks who tend to migrate every day to this city
from rural Louisiana and other Southern towns, New Orleans is "The Big
Easy," the sort of place (especially if you're from Mississippi), where
you can forget about being "up tight" and just sort of breathe easy."
[This is the same syndicated magazine section that Barry quotes from 21
Jan 69, just released earlier in a different city]

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I just added to my website a few more "Big Easy" cites. New Orleans
(which had a "Big Easy" club in the early 1900s) was definitely called
"The Big Easy" by 1969. This is a year before "The Big Easy" novel
(1970), later made into a movie with Ellen Barkin and Dennis Quaid. It
is also slightly before the New York Convention and Visitors Bureau's
"Big Apple" campaign.
GenealogyBank is digitizing the New Orleans Times-Picayune, but
unfortunately seems stuck on about 1961.
Barry Popik
Round Rock, TX

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