Son of snowpocalypse

Alice Faber faber at HASKINS.YALE.EDU
Wed Feb 10 17:31:48 UTC 2010

I could have sworn it was on this list, but a search doesn't turn up
anything, but, in any case, in the past few months we've seen a bunch of
references to the "snowpocalypse" (500,000+ ghits), with such variations
as  "Snowpocalypse II: Electric Boogaloo" (1900 ghits), referring
specifically to last week's storm in the Washington area, "snowmaggedon"
(112,000 ghits), "snowmageddon" (804,000 ghits). Sports fans in
Washington referred to last weekend's storm as "Snowvechkin" (only 800
ghits, but see

"Snowverload" seems not to have legs (200-ish ghits), but "snoverkill"
(21,000 ghits)/"snowverkill" (3,800 ghits), which I noticed this morning
in a friend's Facebook status, has potential.

Of course, based on what I see outside my window, the folks who
essentially closed down Connecticut for today, were suffering from a
massive snowvereaction.
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