new research into semantic categories

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Robin Hamilton wrote to Joel Berson:

"Fun this, yeah, but perhaps we'd better stop at this point before we bore
too many people on the list more rigid than they no doubt already are.  <g>"

Pardon, Robin, but are you suggesting that the people on this list are
rigid?  Not sure whether that's a compliment or not.....


On 11 February 2010 19:10, ROBIN HAMILTON <robin.hamilton2 at>wrote:

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> > If only I'd received this message before sending off my own
> > ... I
> > wouldn't have had as much fun.
> >
> > Robin, apology accepted -- and forgive me for an
> > unnecessary lesson.
> >
> > Joel
> Not at all unnecessary, Joel -- frankly, I couldn't write an SQL script to
> save my life.  Partly because I've managed so far to avoid having to use,
> and thus come to terms with, the nuts and bolts of Relational Databases.
> I did however port a largish (800+ records, 15 fields) flat database ***
> from its origins in the OS9 database [and at this distance in time I can't
> even recall what that was called) through Superbase on the Atari, past
> Access, to where it's currently residing, still alive and useful and
> accessible through the database element of OpenOffice.  This final port
> because Microsoft in their infinite wisdom decided Access was
> "non-essential" (unlike their version of VisiCalc, and Word) and thus began
> charging an arm and a leg if you wanted it as part of the Microsoft Office
> Suite.
> So if you want to know where I am when it comes to databases, Joel, I know
> what a CSV file is when I meet one (because I have to) but don't expect
> anything more sophisticated on my part in this area.
> Fun this, yeah, but perhaps we'd better stop at this point before we bore
> too many people on the list more rigid than they no doubt already are.  <g>
> Best,
> Robin
> *** In case anybody is interested, and might even find it useful, it
> contained details of every single poem ever even remotely attibuted to
> Thomas Wyatt, with notations of MS(S), genre, translation/or not, and a few
> other things.  I was using it as a tool to try to decipher the exact nature
> and structure of the Egerton manuscript of Wyatt's poetry.
> So you could poke a button (metaphorically speaking -- would that it were
> that easy to construct a Report Form in Access) and find out, for instance,
> which sonnets were found in all five major Wyatt MSS.  Stuff like that.
>  Mickey mouse in terms of programming, but the end result, once the data was
> stuffed in, actually was (for me at least) helpful.
> End-R.
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