new research into semantic categories

Fri Feb 12 04:02:17 UTC 2010

> Robin Hamilton wrote to Joel Berson:
> "Fun this, yeah, but perhaps we'd better stop at this point
> before we bore
> too many people on the list more rigid than they no doubt
> already are.  <g>"
> Pardon, Robin, but are you suggesting that the people on
> this list are
> rigid?  Not sure whether that's a compliment or
> not.....
> Judy

Ah, and there I'd thought that I could sneak a quite gratitous insult to the entire list through under the guise of a rather lame pun.

I had forgotten that the ear or eye of a former uninion organiser and grievance committee chair would be alert to the least deviation from linguistic rectitude.

I hope you were not *too offended.

Contritely yours,


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