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Thu Feb 18 21:48:03 UTC 2010

I am not that sheltered from the speech of commoners, such as Ellen
DeGeneres, but this was a network TV correspondent.

In any case, I weep for Boston.


At 2/18/2010 01:15 PM, Arnold Zwicky wrote:
>On Feb 18, 2010, at 9:56 AM, Joel S. Berson wrote:
>>Yesterday I heard a network TV reporter, talking about Tiger Wood's
>>eagerly anticipated statement before close friends and associates,
>>say that Woods had said it was between he and his wife.
>>Or have I been too sheltered?
>apparently the latter.  a few from my collection:
>We'll see what happens between he and Alan Alda.
>   (Ellen DeGeneres, about Jimmy Smits, on the tv show Ellen, 1/24/05)
>from an old Night Court episode (seen 8/13/05), a ventriloquist
>talking about dummies:
>   ... depends on... and the rapport between he and his ventriloquist.
>... my daughter just decided this year she wants she and I to
>volunteer to go and answer phones...
>   (Morning Edition Sunday, 9/11/05, Sunday Puzzle segment, listener
>Chad Graham (of St. Louis) talking)
>(from 2005) Frances McDormand in a documentary, regarding the
>character she plays in the movie Fargo:
>   So much of the character of Marge Gunderson relies on the
>partnership between she and Norm.
>Skilling Calls He and Lay a 'Good Team'
>   (AP story headline, 4/12/06, reported on by Ben Zimmer at
>on and on it goes -- and these are fortuitously found examples. not
>ones search for systematically.
>nominative in the second of two conjoined objects is more common, but
>it's also there  in the first.
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