What is winter?

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If we celebrate March 21st as the first day of spring, and midsummer day as variously June 21st, 22nd or 24th, when does spring end and summer begin? I was told that, here in Illinois, it's Memorial Day when the outdoor public swimming pools open. It seems a reasonable and flexible date and leaves out expert opinion from meterologists and astronomers.
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No, it's simply how it's being determined that varies. The Dec. 21 to
Mar. 21 dates are for the astronomical, if you will, season -- the
time between the winter solstice and vernal equinox -- determined by
the earth's position in its annual trip around the sun. The Dec to
Feb dates are for the meterological/climatic season -- temperature,
precipitation, etc.

---Amy West

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>Subject: What is winter?
>A newspaper article today quotes a meteorologist of the National
>Weather Service who said that "althought winter officially runs from
>Dec 21 to Mar 21, forecasters mostly define it as Dec through Feb."
>Forecasters are changing the seasons.  First I've heard about that.

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