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Thanks for the update on your name.  I've never encountered it.  I would have guessed it pronounced like Ian but merely spelled differently.

Note that ending with OK perhaps gives a wrong connotationin the USA, a certain fisty assertiveness .  You might not have that connotation over there in Ireland.

JUst want to let you know.  OK.

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> Hi everyone
> Taking the points one at a time.
> Tom wasn't being rude, he was being homely. That's OK. I've seen rude, and
> over here it often involves many possible (and some not-so-possible)
> cognates of a Middle English verb meaning "to move restlessly, to fidget" .
> Secondly, Eoin is the earlier Irish form of John, predating the more common
> Se=C3=A1n by several centuries. It's sort of pronounced like Owen.
> Thirdly, every seems to agree - seasons depend primarily on the weather.
> When there's no real weather (like in Ireland) then length of day is as
> important as temperature. If there are extremely high mountains to the left=
> ,
> and a large mass of frozen Greenland to the right, and several thousand
> miles of continent in the middle, then Spring is whatever the locals say it
> is. And if they say "September to March", then so be it.
> OK?
> Eoin
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