What is winter? (UNCLASSIFIED)

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At 6:23 AM -0500 2/25/10, Robin Hamilton wrote:
>So would it be fair to say that Bairead and Mairead are only coincidentally
>related, unless there's some common proto-IndoEuropean root behind Barrett
>and Margaret?
>The Eoin (Old Irish) / Iain (Scots Gaelic) / Sean (Later Irish) / Owen
>(Welsh) / John (English) <= Joannes complex is interesting -- would it
>reflect the closer relation between Scottish and Irish Celtic to each other
>as against Welsh Celtic?  (I can never remember my p's and my q's in this
>[Actually, looking again at what you say, I've not got that quite right --
>it's more that Eoin and Sean are borrowings into Irish at different times,

Irish doublets!  Move over, shirt/skirt!


>rather than one developed from the other.  One borrowed from the original
>Latin Ioannes and the other from the AF form Jean which developed from this.
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>>Bair=C3=A9ad is normally anglicised Barrett, being originally an Irish
>>noun that was both phonologically close to that surname and coincidentally
>>semantically close to a possible origin of it - Barrette (Old French)
>>meaning cap.
>>Eoin came from the Latin Ioannes, Se=C3=A1n from the Anglo-Norman Jean.
>>h now
>>John in English.
>>Mair=C3=A9ad is a Irish spelling of the
>>name Margaret.
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>>>>  Secondly, Eoin is the earlier Irish form of John, predating the more
>>>>  common
>>>>  Se=3DC3=3DA1n by several centuries. It's sort of pronounced like Owen.
>>>Does the surname Bair=C3=A9ad relate to the given name
>>   [Eoin would
>>>seem to be closer than Sean to the (originally) Scots (gaelic) Iain,
>>>corresponding to SE "John".]
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