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Isn't "equal access" the concept that replaces race with class? That
is, "economically-diadvantaged" will replace "racially-disadvantaged,"
diluting the effect of affirmative action by changing it to cover the
poor. Though the poor are a smaller percentage of white people than
they are of any minority group, nevertheless, the net number of poor
white people is greater than the net number of poor minority-group
members. Hence, equal access will have the required effect of
ultimately decreasing the number of minority-group members while
increasing the number of whites in desirable positions, but in a
"fair" way, since race will not have a place in the new system. That
also means that the automatic admission of legacies, which, as a
consequence of the old system, vastly benefits the
economically-advantaged over the economically-diadvantaged, will have
to go. Or, at least, be modified.


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>> I've heard of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, but "Equal
>> Access" is a new one on me.
> It may mean that "legacies" are not given advantages in the admissions
> process.
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