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> Wasn't there also a story named "Cities in Flight"? Or is that just a
> brainfart?

I'm not sure if there was ever one particular story with that title, before
it became the cover-title for the whole series, but there may well have
been.  I came on it in the late sixties via _Earthman Come Home_ which,
though I didn't know it at the time, repackaged as a novel what were
originally separate short stories published in John W. Campbell's
_Astounding_, later renamed (after Wilson's time, I'd guess <g>) _Analog_.


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>>> "Bindlestiff" was also the
>>> title of a coverstory by James Blish, in Astounding(?) SF in the late
>>> '40's or early '50's.
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>>> -Wilson
>> I must have come across this when it was reprinted as part of the third
>> of
>> what became the Cities in Flight series -- _Earthman, Come Home_ (1955).
>> "Bindlestiff" was used to refer to a particular kind of flying city, as I
>> remember it.  The whole series drew on a range of background reference to
>> American workers' movements.
>> Robin Hamilton

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