McWhorter on "Negro" [Was: on "Negro English"]

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Mon Jan 18 02:44:53 UTC 2010

Mighty nice of you, Mark, but I actually enjoyed trying to succinct my
understanding of racial prejudice.

I have you to thank, as well, for bringing Tom's Truespel to my
attention, and hence his and my kindredship.

Let me take this opportunity, then, to present my equivalent of
Truespel---in poetry scansion.  It's Judy's lol [sometimes known as
"loo"] system.  The "o" represents an unstressed syllable, the "l" a
stressed syllable.  A truly perfect [how how rare!] iambic pentameter
line would be scanned thus:  ol ol ol ol ol ol

a trochee=  lo   [e.g., Longfellow's "Hiawatha"]

a dactyl=  loo  [Lennon-McCartney's "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"]

an anapest=  ool  [Byron's "The Destruction of Sennacherib"]

Your first and last names, MarkMandel, scanned in the Judy lol system=
lol     VOILA!!!

All the best,

Judy taking a serious break from Deep Thought

2010/1/17 Mark Mandel <thnidu at>
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> Save yourself the effort, Judy. Tom Zurinskas has been around this list for
> years, persistently not only failing to understand the most basic elements
> of linguistic science, but refusing to even try. His website,,
> promotes his home-baked system for "phonetic spelling". I'll quote the firs=
> t
> paragraph; judge for yourself:
> Truespel is the World=E2=80=99s first =E2=80=9Cpronunciation guide spelling=
> Â system=E2=80=9D based
> > American English, the world=E2=80=99s most important language. It=E2=80=
> =99s designed for the
> > first time to integrate literacy tools, such dictionary pronunciation
> > guides, translation guides, initial reading guides, and phonetic analysis
> > tools by using one simple easy-to-use phonetic spelling. The word sounds =
> for
> > the truespel phonetic model are the voiced pronunciations in "talking"
> > American English dictionaries, like With truespel, hearing the
> > spoken word allows one to spell it phonetically merely by using 40 phonem=
> es
> > and stress and apostrophe rules. It is truly the simplest and only such
> > phonetic spelling system there is today that is pronunciation guide quali=
> ty.
> >
> >
> After much grief and wasted effort, I no longer even see his emails, but
> have them automatically routed to the trash.

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