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As I read it on wikipedia, "register" should be "social register" as it refers to word choice differences in social strata.  Then definition-creep includes other strata until you have a registry of registers.  To me the term vocabulary could be substituted for register and make perfect sense.  Whereas the term register does not.

Is it true that Yip coined the phonetic term Register in 1980?

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> I disagree: Standard American Written English dialect, with a focus
> on the academic register within that dialect.
> ---Amy West
>>Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 10:11:42 -0500
>>From: Robin Hamilton
>>Subject: Re: :-) mostly -- McWhorter on "standard English"
>>> Well, maybe we need to start putting "dialect" in after "Standard
>>> English". I think I might start putting "Standard American Written
>>> English dialect" in my composition syllabus to emphasize its
>>> linguistic parity with Appalachian dialects, Southern dialects, etc.
>>> ---Amy West
>>I'd concur with this, Amy, but reword as "Standard American Written English
>>The wording of the syllabus description would, of course, be
>>self-referential, being written in SAWER.
>>Robin Hamilton
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