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That was my reading of it as well. In fact, he is only disclaiming the
association "Jews=Bankers" because he knows that he is going to be
called on it, so he pretends like it's an association for someone else.
Yet, two sentences later he makes the exact same association and there
is no doubt that he represents his own opinion. Don't expect an apology


On 1/23/2010 11:10 PM, Wilson Gray wrote:
> Where does Limbaugh make clear that he himself is not one of the
> prejudiced people? I may be unable to understand Limbaugh fully, for
> the usual reasons, but it seems to me that he is clearly saying the
> following:
> For some people, _banker_ = "Jew"
> Obama is assaulting "bankers."
> Therefore, Obama is assaulting Jews.
> As a consequence, Jews may now be wishing that they had not voted for Obama.
> -Wilson
> On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 11:32 AM, Mullins, Bill AMRDEC
> <Bill.Mullins at>  wrote:
>> The ADL press release didn't include the full Limbaugh quote, which is
>> as follows:
>> "Look, folks, there are a lot of people who when you say "banker,"
>> people think "Jewish."  People who have prejudice is the best way to put
>> it. They have a little prejudice about them. So for some people,
>> "banker" is code word for "Jewish," and guess who Obama's assaulting?
>> He's assaulting bankers.  He's assaulting money people, and a lot of
>> those people on Wall Street are Jewish.  So I wonder if there's starting
>> to be some buyer's remorse there."
>> Limbaugh is making it clear that the association between Jews and
>> bankers is a sign of prejudice, and he is talking about prejudiced
>> people.
>> While the rest of the quote may be dumb, for the ADL to extract it from
>> context was a mistake.

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