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>Subject: Proverb enlargement!
>I was reminded of the following by the "size of the boat and the motion of
>the ocean."  (Not to mention the leer at the pier, the feel of the keel, the
>cast of the mast, the mannin' of the cannon, the slide of the tide, the
>swish of the fish, the slam of the clam, the droop of the poop, and
>the likely shock at the doc. How could anyone let those go to waste?.)
>For some years I've heard TV newswomen (not men) exclaim jokingly whenever
>context allows, "Size matters!" and "Size does matter!"
>It's become a cliche' (or a proverb, whatever).  That's my point.

There's been much to-do in Worcester, MA re: "Size matters."

The Worcester Regional Transit Authority recently declined to accept
ads from Planned Parenthood on the buses because some ill-informed
members thought it was a "religious organization." After this was
reported in the Telegram & Gazette evidently they got better informed
and rescinded that decision. The ads on the buses relate to PP moving
to bigger digs. The ads will say "Size really does matter."

---Amy West

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