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From: "Garson O'Toole" <adsgarsonotoole at GMAIL.COM>

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> Yes, the Vols still must host Vandy the following weekend, but c'mon,
> Vandy? Oops, my bad, I forgot for a moment what the Commodore did to
> Georgis. Silly me.

I'm not sure where and when I picked up the term, "my bad" (though I find it
useful, and use it perhaps too often), but what struck me about Garson's
cite quoted above is that I often use it in the sequence, "My bad.  [Ipse
Dixit].  Silly me."

{The "silly me" addition I'd always assumed was a
parody-(GB)English-P.G.Wodehouse locution.}

I'd thought this was just me, but perhaps it's a bound collocation?


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