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I apologize for the last nonlinguistic posting, which I thought was going to
an individual member.

How commonly, BTW, is/was the devil really referred to as the "Black Man"?
I get the feeling that it was rather rare and is more familiar today to
academics than to anyone else.


On Sat, May 1, 2010 at 10:53 AM, Jonathan Lighter <wuxxmupp2000 at gmail.com>wrote:

> I think you mean Joe Arapaio.  This was Clarence Dupnik. He opposes the new
> law on the truly conservative basis that you shouldn't pass unnecessary
> laws.
> (The populist neo-faux-conservative idea is, the more laws the better as
> long as they don't inhibit you personally.)
> It's one thing to believe in angels, another to expect the Antichrist in
> your own lifetime. And it's something else again for an American to suspect
> that the President of the United States, duly elected by tens of millions of
> fellow citizens and vetted by an established national party is really him.
> The only hope is that the nuts can't be 100% sure he isn't, so their
> low-confidence belief level leads them to say "maybe."
> But 24% is a hell of a lot of Republicans to say even "maybe."
> I'm more concerned by the 25% of *all adults* reported to believe Obama is
> "a domestic enemy" as spoken of in the Constitution (not that they have much
> of a grap of that), and the 29% who believe he's getting ready to turn the
> U.S. over to a shadowy "one-world government," and the 23% who expect him to
> make his move for dictatorship under cover of a national crisis (possibly
> engineered, one imagines, by himself).
> Proportionally these seem to be extraordinary numbers. I don't know,
> though, whether similar polls were taken during previous administrations.
> Possibly not: the quetions would have seemed too weird.
> I do know that a Gullup survey in September, 1945, found that 20% of
> American adults would not accept the Japanese surrender and demanded
> continued atom bombing until there were no Japanese.
> Jon
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>> At 5/1/2010 09:53 AM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>> >I agree, but it might be noteworthy if Arizona achieved that rate
>> suddenly
>> >in just the past couple of years.
>> >
>> >The bigger point, though, is that Dobbs et al. provide no evidence (never
>> >mind proof) that the increase is mostly due to illegal aliens.
>> >
>> >Maybe it is, but if so there should be specific evidence.
>> >
>> >This gives me the chance to bring the following possibly related
>> >nonlinguistic story to your attention.  WARNING: Do not read if you are
>> >offended by non-linguistic posts:
>> >
>> >http://www.livescience.com/culture/obama-anti-christ-100325.html
>> I can believe that a quarter of Republicans believe that Obama is the
>> Antichrist.  The majority (a large majority?) of Americans believe
>> that angels exist (presumably to save them from Obama, after personal
>> appeal for the intervention of Providence).
>> >Non-linguistic PS: According to at least one Arizona sheriff interviewed
>> on
>> >CNN, the new law effectively grants him *no* power that he doesn't
>> already
>> >have under federal law. None. The biggest difference is that now
>> Immigration
>> >authorities will not be called on to file Federal charges. And officers
>> can
>> >be sued for lack of enforcement.
>> >
>> >He explained that the current Federal law is under-enforced in
>> >Arizona because there are not enough jail cells to hold the suspects.
>> Is this the same sheriff who has been in the news previously for his
>> "initiative" against illegal-alien-looking persons?
>> Joel
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