"Adj of a" in extremis

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Tue May 4 15:17:38 UTC 2010

 From a blogger's posting on the Boston Globe web site on last night's
game in which the Boston Celtics unexpectedly dominated the favored
Cleveland Cavs, and on Charles Barkley's tendentious commentary on

stakiinnh wrote:
I was thinking this series was over after game 1. What an idiot. Back
to Boston with a chance to take a commanding lead.

How big fat of a jerk is Barkley? He should be forced to do the next
broadcast in a Celtics uniform just to come close to evening up his
thus far complete and unwarranted partiality for Cavs.
For me, "how big of a jerk" is fine and I wouldn't even blink too
hard at "how fat of a jerk", but "how big fat of a jerk" definitely
involves pushing the envelope.  Kudos to [I assume] Staki in New


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