"Adj of a" in extremis

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What about "how big of a fat jerk"? Or must the collocation "big fat" remain

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> From a blogger's posting on the Boston Globe web site on last night's
> game in which the Boston Celtics unexpectedly dominated the favored
> Cleveland Cavs, and on Charles Barkley's tendentious commentary on
> TNT:
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> stakiinnh wrote:
> I was thinking this series was over after game 1. What an idiot. Back
> to Boston with a chance to take a commanding lead.
> How big fat of a jerk is Barkley? He should be forced to do the next
> broadcast in a Celtics uniform just to come close to evening up his
> thus far complete and unwarranted partiality for Cavs.
> ==========
> For me, "how big of a jerk" is fine and I wouldn't even blink too
> hard at "how fat of a jerk", but "how big fat of a jerk" definitely
> involves pushing the envelope.  Kudos to [I assume] Staki in New
> Hampshire!
> LH
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