early precursor to Murphy's law (UNCLASSIFIED)

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Another recognition of Murphy's Law

Mavor, S.; "The applications of machinery at the coal face"
_Journal of the Institution of Electrical Engineers_ Volume: 64 , Issue:
358 Oct 1926 p. 1001 col 2

"But when it is further considered that the line of face may not be
straight and that the troughs may be sawing into many wood props, that
the floor may have considerable undulations, that accumulated dirt from
the seam may prevent free movement of the troughing, that the roller
tracks may become displaced, that soft floor or roof may allow the props
that secure the shaking gear to become loose and the gear to depart from
alignment, that irregular supply of trams at the loading position may
require frequent stopping of the conveyor and the restarting of it with
overloaded troughs, and that the complete stripping of the coal from the
face to allow the coalcutter to work on the next shift means that the
conveyor must go on working at all costs, it will be realized that face
conveyors of the shaking type have no ordinary task, and that anything
that can go wrong with them will go wrong."

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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