cocktail = deadly mixture

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I take it that we're all supposed to top-post. For what it's worth
(not much), the phrase "cocktail for disaster" was once used in a
British parliamentary debate in 1990:


What I love about the internets is that even regular Joe Blows like me
get to make contributions to scholarship, not matter how insignificant
and ephemeral. I get to be famous for a d-second, to coin a word, the
time it takes you hit the delete key and forget this post.


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> For years TV and radio news have liked to use the word  _cocktail_ as the
> default metaphor for almost any kind of
> mixture, especially if threatening.
> CNN had provided an unusually good ex. this morning. Â As an undersea video
> showed clouds of oil and natural gas belching forth from the severed BP
> pipeline, the combination was described as "a cocktail for disaster."
> Note the syntactical blend with "recipe for disaster."
> JL

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