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There is a similar obsession in the US, but not with fingerprinting.
Opposition to forced microchipping is very popular with conservatives
lately, to the point of paranoia. Several states with
Republican-controlled legislatures passed anti-microchip laws. I am
not aware of any state anti-fingerprinting laws, but I am also unaware
of any schools fingerprinting their students.


On Fri, May 14, 2010 at 3:58 PM, Baker, John M. <JMB at> wrote:
>        There is a widespread, seemingly visceral, association of
> fingerprinting with criminality in Europe.  There is some of that in the
> U.S., but it's much less emphatic here, and nobody seems too troubled by
> the idea that you have to have your fingerprints taken if you get a job
> with a bank or in the securities industry.  But it causes problems when
> U.S.-regulated entities that are required to fingerprint their employees
> open offices in countries where privacy laws prevent this.
> John Baker

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