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Victor Steinbok
> There is a similar obsession in the US, but not with fingerprinting.
> Opposition to forced microchipping is very popular with conservatives
> lately, to the point of paranoia. Several states with
> Republican-controlled legislatures passed anti-microchip laws. I am
> not aware of any state anti-fingerprinting laws, but I am also unaware
> of any schools fingerprinting their students.

Time magazine has an article titled "Should Schools Fingerprint Your Kids?",8599,1665119,00.html

Elementary and high school students in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and
West Virginia use finger scans to pay for lunch — and even to check
into class. ... Michigan and Iowa have passed laws essentially barring
schools from taking electronic fingerprints of children. Last month,
Illinois enacted a law requiring schools to get parental consent
before capturing an image of a child's finger.
End excerpt

So "kiddyprinting" is an issue in the U.S. also.

All ten of my fingerprints were collected when I obtained a security
clearance for a project.

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