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  I am
> not aware of any state anti-fingerprinting laws, but I am also unaware
> of any schools fingerprinting their students.
> VS-)

Not schools, but those "Child Safety" clinics where they will put
together an ID kit for you in case your child goes missing. The kit will
include a photograph and fingerprints.

I am evidently a bad mother who does not want her children back if they
go missing as I've never had this done.

Related to kiddyprinting is the requirement of school volunteers to
undergo a CORI check and this often includes fingerprinting. They don't
realize that this won't exclude the crooks/criminals who haven't been
caught yet. Yes, fingerprinting does have that association with
criminality for us USans as well: my husband was indignant about that
aspect of the CORI check.

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