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The Milwaukee Journal - Oct 14, 1942
Suitcase Full of Contributions High Light in War Chest Day. p. L1/6
[GNA p. 23 of 42]
> Leaders in E. W. Hoffmann's divisions got a series of laughs from the solicitors at Tuesday's luncheon. Hoffman had dubbed them, "Gen. Keep 'Em Flying August Luedke, Gen Slap That Jap Carl Gallauer, Gen. Saw Sub Sank Same Morton Hunter and Admiral Look Out Below Tokyo Edward Gerhardy."

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> In at the beginnings: a physicist's life. By Philip McCord Morse. 1977
> p. 186
>> A plane five hundred feet above the ocean is a poor observation post from which to determine whether a U-boat sinks or only submerges under power. For example, we could be sure the nonchalant report from one Air Force pilot, "Saw sub, sank same," was much exaggerated; that same sub reported the next day that it had just sunk a tanker.
> On Sun, May 16, 2010 at 11:34 PM, Dan Goncharoff <thegonch at> wrote:
>> Just a guess, but in telegraphic language a word such as "it" would be
>> dropped (to save words, and thereby money) while "same" would be
>> included. Using "same"ensured the message made sense.
>> BTW, wasn't the original quote "Sighted Sub Sank Same"?
>> DanG

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