Captured Same

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Tue May 18 14:45:09 UTC 2010

At 9:19 PM -0700 5/17/10, Arnold Zwicky wrote:
>just this morning, i was writing about files on passwords and found
>myself saying:
>   the "secret question(s)" and the answers to same
>thus avoiding the issue of "it"or "them" as the pronoun referring to
>"secret question(s)".  i decided to keep "same".
And of course this would also be an elegant solution to problems of
not just number but gender underspecification:

"You should see a doctor and ask same about those nasty symptoms"
"I was out with a friend last night and I noticed same was looking at
me in an odd way"

Not quite so good for e.g. "Same who hesitates is lost" or "To each
same's own".


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