speed bump; speed hump; speed table

David Barnhart dbarnhart at HIGHLANDS.COM
Mon May 2 13:32:42 UTC 2011


_speed bump_ is an entry in BDNE2 (e.q. = 1975), 12000 Words (n.d.), and
ODNW2  (e.q. = 1992), OED on-line (e.q. = 1975)

_speed hump_ is an hidden entry in ODNW2 (n.d.)

_speed table_  does not appear to be an entry in dictionaries that I have at
hand just now. DC File (e.q. = 1993)

More information when it has been gathered.

[Abbreviations used here: n.d. = no date; e.q. = earliest quote found; DC =
Barnhart Dictionary Companion]


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