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Sorry for all the posts reporting incremental progress. I will take a
break from posting.

Here is verified cite in the New York Times that mentions a button
with a variant of the saying in 1967.

Cite: 1967 September 22, New York Times, Psychedelic Show Open in
Queens by McCandlish Phillips, Page 52, New York. (ProQuest)

Otherwise, one must be content with psychedelic shopping bags, buttons
("Even Paranoids Have Real Enemies"), various corporeal grotesqueries
and such slogans as "Everything is a part of everything is a part of .
. ."

Here is an unverified Google Books match that might be in 1966. It
also refers to a button I think.

Christianity today: Volume 11; Volume 11
1966 - Snippet view
They further advise: "Reality Is Good Sometimes for Kicks But Don't
Let It Get You Down," and "Even Paranoids Have Real Enemies." If we
evangelicals were to hop on the button-wagon, we might sport such
slogans as "Why Be a COCU-nut? ...

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