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At least OBGYN (pronounced as letters) is shorter than something even more

But what's shorter than /paunz/?

Too surreal?:  they don't know that "lbs." really means pounds. They think
it abbreviates something that is the practical equivalent of pounds, but not
pounds themselves. Like "legal burden sizes" or something.


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> >We recently discussed the unusual use of "tornado" in automated National
> >Weather Service Warnings.
> >In a local Amber Alert this week, the abducted girl was described as
> >weighing "115 /el bi es/", while her abductor weighed "184 /el bi es/."
> >
> >What's wrong with /paunz/? What's with these people?
> That's even worse than "oh bee gee why en" for OBGYN, which is short
> for "obstetrician-gyncologist" and is sensibly (but seemingly less
> often) said /AbgaIn/ (forgive me if I'm using the wrong character for
> the cursive small a here).
> James Harbeck.
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