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On 5/17/11 12:00 AM, Automatic digest processor wrote:
> in many cases, it's hard to distinguish reference sites that are constantly being revised or added to from blogs -- unless you insist that to call something a "blog" the site must allow comments submitted by readers.  (but if you insist on that, then for years Language Log wasn't a blog, and it's only partly a blog now, since not all contributors allow comments.  and Michael Quinion takes comments in e-mail and decides what to do with them, but doesn't just let them through as appendages to his weekly nwsletter.)

Yeah. I'm not a blogger myself, and despite using the Internet since
Bitnet days, I'm only just getting up to speed in some regards (just
started using an RSS feed reader.) I think what makes it a "blog" in my
mind is not that it's reference, or allows comments, but that its
contents are a cumulative essays, for lack of a better word, that
accumulate over time, like a log/journal.

>> >
>> >  There's also "Lingua Franca" available as a podcast from Auatralian
>> >  Broadcasting Corp's (ABC) Radio National.

I'm quite ticked at LF right now because they had a recent
broadcast/podcast in which not only was Sapir-Whorf revived, but an
example from Whorf that had been debunked by Steven Pinker in the
_Language Instinct_ was presented as valid evidence and went unchallenged.

>> >
>> >  And "The World in Words" from PRI's "The World" available as a podcast
>> >  via ITunes U.
> nice suggestions, which i knew about but didn't have in my files.  i'll add them.

Sorry for the reduplication of much of your list: I get ADS-L via
digest, and don't get to read it on the weekends, and so I forgot to
check for replies that had already come in before sending off mine. Glad
I added a little bit!

---Amy West

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