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Arnold Zwicky zwicky at STANFORD.EDU
Mon May 16 13:45:50 UTC 2011

On May 16, 2011, at 5:48 AM, Amy West wrote:

> "You Don't Say" by John McIntyre used to be a personal blog but now runs
> on the Baltimore Sun's Web site/blog: I don't know if it runs in the
> print paper, though.

it doesn't.
> Arnold Zwicky has an excellent list of language blogs. In terms of blogs
> don't forget "Language Log," "The Web of Language" (Dennis Baron),
> "Separated by a Common Language" (Lynne Murphy), "World Wide Words"
> (Michael Quinon), David Crystal's blog, Arnold Zwicky's blog, and Jan
> Freeman has her own language blog: "Throw Grammar From the Train." I
> can't recall if Erin McKean's "Wordnik" site has a blog for it as well.
> I can't remember if there's a blog for Dave Wilton's wordorigins.org site.

in many cases, it's hard to distinguish reference sites that are constantly being revised or added to from blogs -- unless you insist that to call something a "blog" the site must allow comments submitted by readers.  (but if you insist on that, then for years Language Log wasn't a blog, and it's only partly a blog now, since not all contributors allow comments.  and Michael Quinion takes comments in e-mail and decides what to do with them, but doesn't just let them through as appendages to his weekly nwsletter.)

> There's also "Lingua Franca" available as a podcast from Auatralian
> Broadcasting Corp's (ABC) Radio National.
> And "The World in Words" from PRI's "The World" available as a podcast
> via ITunes U.

nice suggestions, which i knew about but didn't have in my files.  i'll add them.

meanwhile, it turns out that Barbara Wallraff's "Language Court" was suspended in 2009.  i'm leaving it on the list because the archives are available via the Atlantic Monthly site.


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