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Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sun May 22 07:13:05 UTC 2011

At 5:40 PM -0400 5/21/11, Wilson Gray wrote:
>"I wouldn't fuck him using Drita's pussy."
>Thst reminds of whst was said in the 'hood in Saint Louis, back in the
>'40's and '50's:
>"I wouldn't fuck her with your dick."
>Presumably, the latter or similar is universally known to, if not
>necessarily used by, all guys.

Eventually.  I learned this one when I was discoursing on negative
polarity items ("touch a drop", "give a tinker's dam", "(could) make
heads or tails of") and someone in the audience introduced me to "I
wouldn't fuck her with *your* dick" or, more allusively, "I wouldn't
fuck her with *yours*".  It took me a while to work out why this has
the intended force, even given the well-established NPI "wouldn't
touch X with a ten-foot pole".  But maybe it just speaks to my
indiscriminacy at the time, since this was in 1971.

>  But this is the first time that I've
>heard anything like that fall trippingly from the tongue of a woman.

The "using" sounds less natural to me than "with" in these expressions.


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